NOV 22, 2021

Two awards for Software Competitiveness International at the Hellenic Innovation Awards 2021

Software Competitiveness International was distinguished by:

  • Silver award in the top category Top HI Award for Innovative Company <100 employees for its contribution to the International Innovation Chain, the creation of remarkable jobs in our country, and its overall image in the field of IT and Software production,

and with the

  • Gold Award in the HI Award for HR & Employees Development <100 employees for its innovative actions and strategy for the development of its employees.

At this year’s Hellenic Innovation Awards, the aim was to highlight the people and the companies that help innovation to be a key pillar of the country’s new production model.

In our company, we feel that we are shaping the world of tomorrow through innovation and after 11 years of life and many distinctions in our assets, we are proud that every year we set the bar higher and higher.

hi awards
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