NOV 25, 2021

Software Competitiveness International at the 2nd Innovation Forum "Innovation drives developments"

The need for the digital transformation of companies was mentioned by the speakers at the 2nd Innovation Forum entitled “Innovation leads developments”, which takes place in a hybrid form, at the Cultural Center “Hellenic World” and co-organized by the Hellenic-German Commercial and Industrial Chamber and the Federal Republic of Germany in Athens.

Our company was represented on the central panel by Dr. Zoe Aikaterinidis (C.E.O) who noted that “Soft Com, is active in software development specializing in large scale projects for high quality markets and processes, such as automotive, telecommunications and space and innovative personalized software solutions. We have been activated, tested, claimed our place in the market, focusing on quality and continuous improvement. Today, after 11.5 years, we are a boutique company of 100 people and we produce innovation for navigation systems, ADAS, cloud and space mission management. A cornerstone for them is our people and our main goal is the creation of technological value from Greece “.

Also, within the framework of the 2nd Innovation Forum, a parallel event was organized entitled: “Diamond: Rapid, Timely Diagnosis and Monitoring of Microbial Infections by means of an automated, point-of-care, Diagnosis System”.

The DIAMOND research project is a pioneering solution for rapid and automated diagnosis of microbial infections, the possibility of statistical conclusions and visualization of the spread of the infection geographically in the final stage of implementation (prototype), and is a collaboration of NCSR Democritus Competitive, NTUA International SA, and KITILI BIOANALYSIS.

Speakers of the parallel event were:

  • Angeliki Tserepi, Ph.D. – Director of Research, NCSR “Demokritos”, Institute of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
  • Dimitris Tsoukalas – Professor National Technical University of Athens
  • Konstantinos Patakas – Software Expert – Scrum Master Software Competitiveness International A.E.
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