FEB 16, 2023

Software Competitiveness International kicks-off the «The Machine Learning Automated Test Process (MALT-P)» study

Software Competitiveness International, as a part of a etamax Space led consortium, is conducting «The Machine Learning Automated Test Process (MALT-P)» study. This study is focused on investigating and prototyping the insertion of automation and machine learning methods in the domain of Automated Test Generation that can be used in both ESOC and ESTEC’s testing facilities.

The scope of this activity lies in the TSP phase, more specifically the implementation of Automated Test Generation (ATG). The overall aim is to reduce the human labor that is required for generating test cases for a software system.

Our contribution to the project will focus on the implementation and prototyping the most promising solution/s following the conclusions reached in the trade-off analysis, as well as analyzing and processing data related to the selected use cases.

The Kick-Off meeting of the Activity was conducted in January 2023 and the planned project duration is 18 months. 

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