The ENX Association supports with TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) on behalf of VDA the common acceptance of Information Security Assessments in the automotive industry. The TISAX Assessments are conducted by accredited audit providers that demonstrate their qualification at regular intervals. TISAX and TISAX results are not intended for general public.

For the Software Competitiveness International  confidentiality, availability and integrity of information have great value. We have taken extensive measures on protection of sensitive and confidential information. The Assessment was conducted by an accredited audit provider and the result is exclusively retrievable over the ENX portal: https://portal.enx.com/en-US/TISAX/tisaxassessmentresults


Assessment-ID: AKXXRX-01

Assessment Standard: VDA ISA 4.1

Assessment Objectives:

  • Information with Very High Protection Level
  • Connection to 3rd Parties with Very High Protection Level
Softcom tisax

Useful Links

TISAX and TISAX results are not intended for general public and the result can be obtained through the ENX portal: https://portal.enx.com/en-US/TISAX/tisaxassessmentresults

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