Since 2014 we have been involved in system performance monitoring applications and big data projects for the space industry. Our projects consist of creating tools to aid developers diagnose resource usage inefficiencies in large enterprise applications. We do this by using novel data mining and machine learning techniques and engineering them to perform at big-data scale.

We are experienced in working with ESA standards, following our clients’ quality, regulatory and bidding processes and standards. Our focus areas are Ground Segment Software, Earth Observation and Flight Software.

Some of the services that we offer to our clients are:

  • Research and detailed analysis
  • Requirements engineering
  • Software design, development, testing & optimization to ESA standards
  • Engineering solutions to scale to big data requirements
  • Performance monitoring & control systems
  • Telemetry processing
  • Verification and Validation
  • Remote operations using smart mobile devices
  • Developing GUI applications

Technologies used:

  • Java 11, Python 3, Scala, C/C++
  • JavaFX
  • Eclipse RCP framework, Spring Framework
  • ESA & CNES Ground Systems
  • Big Data Technologies (Apache Spark, Hadoop, Elasticsearch ELK)
  • Data mining, classical AI and machine learning algorithms
  • Linux and Cloud services
  • Leveraging the agile development methodology and hybrid V/agile


Space 4.0
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