Why Software R&D in Greece?


The country

  • Population:  approx.. 11 million inhabitants
  • Capital:  Athens (> 4 mio inhabitants, economic and education center of the country)
  • Currency:  Euro
  • Time Zone:  GMT +2
  • Airports:   international airport in Athens, excellent connections with almost all European cities

Greece is afull Member State of the European Economic  Community , since 2001

  • Outstanding pool of intellectual capital:
    • Excellent technical background and soft-skills:
      • Graduates from Greek and International (UK, USA, Germany, France) Technical Universities and Universities
      • 37,2% with Postgraduate studies (MSc, PhD) in Greece or abroad (statistics of the University of Economics-Piraeus Greece)
      • Technical Universities and Universities of world class, in the country
    • High experience in Software in the labor market
    • Fluency in English
  • Competitive costs:
    • Lower cost compared to Middle & North Europe, similar mentality
  • Proximity and Mobility
    • Equal time zone with Middle Europe (+1 hour)
    • Excellent flight connections with all European countries, flight duration of 2 hours in average
    • Greece is a 100% member state of the European Union, no travel restrictions, bound by EU Intellectual Property Laws

Software Companies and Centers of Competence in the Country:

Many large Software Companies, Small – Medium Enterprises specialized in Software and Start ups exist in the country. Furthermore big and well recognized companies had in the near past or already have their own near-shore development centers in Greece, most of them located in Athens (examples: Nokia, Unify)

Main OfficeHeadquartersMunichDarmstadt

Main Branch Office

Address: 40 Agiou Konstantinou str. - AITHRION, 151 24, Marousi, Athens.

Telephone: +30 210 6179484

Fax: +30 210 6180451

Email: info [at] softcom-int [dot] com


Address: 33 Kolyvaki str. 72300, Sitia, Crete.

Telephone: +30 6945493447

Fax: +30 2843028644

Email: info [at] softcom-int [dot] com

Germany contact

Dr. Helmut Lagger

Address: 18 Kolpingring str. 82041, Oberhaching, Munich

Telephone: +49 15162912014

Germany contact

Dr. Helmut Lagger

Address:HQ:7, RobertBosch str. - 64293 Darmstadt - Germany