JUN 29, 2022

Software Competitiveness International in ESA’s GSTP Industry Working Days Vienna 2022 👩‍🚀🛰

Dr. Paschalis Veskos, Head of Space Sector of Software Competitiveness International, presented the Advanced Alert Management System (AAMS) activity, funded by the ESA GSTP (General Support Technology Programme) program. AAMS makes use of Complex Event Processing (CEP) to enable advanced remote monitoring of operational space systems: off-site spacecraft operators are immediately notified of problems using a mobile app.

The event took place on 22-24 June 2022 at the Grand Hotel in Vienna, gathering almost 150 ESA experts, national delegates, and industry from around Europe to present GSTP activity achievements and discuss potential activities for the upcoming GSTP compendium.

The Industry Days highlighted potential technology developments needed in three areas: Artificial intelligence, space system digitalization and quantum communication.

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